Advanced Access to Technology


ECON is 99% technology agnostic, unless performance and/or price differentials are so great that the technology warrants special consideration. Generally, we will not specifically endorse or promote a technology that does not provide at least a 30 percent improvement over standard best practice performance.

In addition, as thought leaders in the industry, we often get first or early looks at emerging technology or have access to technology that has not yet made it into the mainstream.

ECON Group takes advantage of this knowledge and access in two ways:

  • First, ECON has identified a suite of best-in-class building technologies across several building systems that will populate our LeenOps Strategy technology library and drive superior energy performance results.
  • Second, advanced sensors that are highly accurate and self-calibrating, combined with Tridium gateway technology for building system coordination, complement ECON software and management services in such a way that overcomes many of the traditional barriers to optimizing building operations.

Our relationships with these key technology companies means that we can pass on special opportunities to our clients.