LeenOps Built: Efficient and Effective Project Implementation


Poor or improper installation are leading causes of non- or under-performing energy efficiency and sustainability projects. ECON’s LeenOps Built™ process brings the planning, discipline and execution quality of a military operation to bear on the implementation of sustainability measures.

Led by Capt. Justin LeBlanc (USMC Res.), the high-performance LeenOps Elite™ corps flexibly mixes and matches functional specialties to provide a more accurately customized solution for our client’s building operations and maintenance needs. A well-honed and practiced team meticulously reviews and examines every last detail of an installation project to ensure proper integration as a part of the whole building system.

The goal of the LeenOps Built process is to give clients a level of professionalism and effectiveness that is second to none. LeenOps Elite assembles teams specifically to match each project’s needs. Extensive planning, rehearsals and site surveys ensure that theoretical planning aligns with practical application.

LeenOps Elite combines both returning military Veterans and industry veterans with an approach that mirrors many of the most effective military planning and execution tactics and techniques. This allows for strong small-unit leadership of several two-to four-person teams simultaneously operating on the client’s building systems without the need for constant supervision or command authorization.

LeenOps Built focuses on speed and efficiency to spend less time with boots on deck, thus saving the customer money. Our goal is to leave every space we enter better than we found it and display a degree of proficiency that will ensure that building upgrades do not result in business disruption.


Capt. Justin LeBlanc (USMC Res.)

Justin LeBlanc leads and is a key member of the ECON LeenOps Built team.

Justin grew up working in the family HVAC contracting business, and has worked as financial analyst, mortgage broker, and e-commerce marketer.

Holding a 2006 bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a pre-med concentration from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Justin enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in 2007. He was stationed with the Combat Engineer Battalion as a supply chain manager, and quickly rose to the rank of Corporal.

While deployed in Afghanistan in 2010, Justin was selected to attend Officer Candidate School. As a Lieutenant Supply Officer, he oversaw supply chain management and logistics for the construction and maintenance of airfields in Afghanistan. During this time, Justin directly managed more than $130 million in government assets, and budgets exceeding several million dollars a year.

During his last deployment to Afghanistan (2012–2013), Justin also served as the Marketing Director for a nonprofit organization called Green Collar Vets, which was working to assist in the transition of Veterans from active duty to green jobs. He developed the social media marketing and search engine optimization strategy from scratch, and at the end of seven months, had built a community of Veterans, supporters, educators and employers of over 30,000 strong.

Since his active duty service, Justin completed his LEED GA certification. Currently, he is working on Building Commissioning certification and a LEED AP Operations and Maintenance certification to be technically capable of leading a high performance team positioned to change the manner in which building sustainability is delivered.