LeenOps Performance: Keeping Building Operations Optimized


LeenOps Performance™ is an ongoing and dedicated service to ensure that energy efficiency and sustainability goals are being met and maintained going forward. Our capabilities include automatic notifications, network monitoring, and LeenTeams available for deployment back into buildings that require adjustments, additional inspection and maintenance.

LeenOps Performance emphasizes continuing customer service, which includes training of operations and maintenance technicians, as well as those employees who may interact with the building’s systems, to guarantee that the work done will be easily maintained and sustained for years to come.

As part of its current building performance optimization services, ECON brings extensive building operations experience to provide Fault Detection and Diagnosis (FDD) and Automatic Continuous Commissioning (ACC) services. Fault detection combined with continuous commissioning has been shown to reduce building maintenance costs by up to 30 percent, which can represent significant savings and boost NOI for your building.

LeenOps Performance offerings include next-generation sensors that enable the transition from preventive maintenance to just-in-time maintenance (read more). Automatically self-calibrating, these low-cost sensors provide accurate operational data to the building’s management systems and maintenance staff, which enables more cost-effective and efficient maintenance. The first if these new sensors monitors water flow; others will follow at regular intervals.

The stream of better-quality data provided by the improved sensors also can continually calibrate the building profile information used by ECON’s LeenOps Enterprise and LeenOps BIO. This enables building owners to accurately and quickly determine the optimal building-performance investment at any point in the building’s lifecycle.