LeenOps Strategy: Pioneering Software and Analysis Framework


The LeenOps Strategy is the only engineering-based decision support system able to determine the precise combination that will optimally balance energy performance and ROI within the economic requirements of the owner.

It identifies performance-improvement options and their investment returns based on the unique characteristics of the specific building. Its interactive format allows building owners and building management professionals to easily explore and clearly understand the cost/benefit impact of various combinations of energy efficiency options. It also delivers its results far more quickly than conventional means, which can substantially reduce design and engineering fees.

The core of the LeenOps Strategy is ECON’s groundbreaking LeenOps Building Investment Optimizer™ (LeenOps BIO™), a sophisticated energy analysis tool that, for the first time, optimizes energy performance and the economic return of energy upgrade investments in commercial buildings. It is built on an industry-standard energy modeling program—EnergyPlus—with commercially available software programs and language augmented by proprietary elements that include:

  • Techniques for rapidly building the energy model (“on-boarding”) from existing drawings or from a built space that has no drawings
  • Optimization algorithms
  • Technology libraries and decision rules that unify and strengthen the output generated for users

LeenOps BIO combines deep engineering and financial analytics to provide robust functionality to financial decision makers, placing it at the leading edge of project analysis software available today.

LeenOps Strategy is not an energy management system; rather, it is an integrated energy decision-making process that is a significant step forward in the evolution toward the optimal economical and environmental operation of buildings. LeenOps Strategy connects the fiscal concerns of the CFO with the physical concerns of the facility managers, engineering and design teams.