Rob Watson


Time and again, building owners go through the expense and inefficiency of pulling together complex and/or large teams for sustainable projects all the while having trouble controlling costs and getting good green results. We know why this happens and how we can change it.

Our solution stems from two observations:

First, what we see in the field is that green projects that come in below-average cost, or that produce extraordinary results, always involve an experienced team that works well together. It takes time for a team to develop the synergy that drives superior results, and this synergy develops only through direct experience with each other.

Second, to get the full value out of any project, it needs to be considered in the dual context of the whole building and its lifecycle. Unfortunately, any process designed to optimize an individual component of a complex system—and buildings are the very embodiment of a complex system—is almost guaranteed to diminish optimization of the whole.

The industry responded to the increasing complexity of buildings and their systems by reinforcing the 20th Century’s general trend toward specialization. As a result, short-term and splintered focus in the planning and specification stage often dooms green projects to ultimately under-deliver on expectations and the investment, even when they are well-executed.

Obviously, specialized knowledge and focus are still needed, but times have changed. Today, current and evolving technology enables us to not only optimize project design for both new and existing buildings, but also to continually monitor the overall health of a building as well as its individual systems and elements. ECON’s Software Enhanced Service capabilities can give building owners the same kind of insight that enabled the success that Moneyball brought to baseball owners.

ECON’s LeenOps Lifecycle Platform™ is a fact-based decision support system that optimizes a building’s investment/performance ratio throughout its life. It is clear to me that combining analytical and installation know-how, technology, and operational experience can identify the best solutions and deliver them at lower cost with superior outcome.

Complementing our unique technology, ECON’s team includes well-matched people whose expertise covers every aspect of identifying, delivering, and maintaining the results necessary for optimal economic and environmental building performance.

We now have all the elements to link the information world of design optimization with the physical world of operational reality so owners can maintain peak performance and value in a building throughout its lifecycle.