The Company


ECON Group offers building owners the unique ability to balance economic return, environmental performance, ownership’s goals, and the building’s current use/occupancy profile for optimal profitability throughout the building lifecycle.

The company has brought together world-class talent in sustainable building optimization. The core team’s accomplishments include:

  • Founding and leading the LEED Green Building Rating System
  • Founding and leading a prominent global business consulting practice based on the Portfolio Theory tenets of Nobel Laureate Harry Markowitz
  • Co-designing the Strategic Diversification Model now used by many EU-based global corporations
  • Founding the first automated fault-detection company and initiating the first Automated Continuous Commissioning and Fault Detection and Diagnosis platforms for buildings
  • Leading the energy analysis and LEED certification of more than 50 million square feet of commercial and residential space

Now they have joined forces to create a series of new tools and approaches to revolutionize commercial building operations and maintenance. ECON’s building lifecycle optimization platform bridges the gap between the bottom line and environmental performance for the first time.

ECON is the result of the merger of EcoTech International Inc., (ETI) and E|CON Building Systems (EBS). It integrates EBS’s cutting edge technology with ETI’s reputation, comprehensive service offering and track record.

ETI was founded by Rob Watson in 2007. Working with several Fortune 1000 clients, numerous government entities and leading educational institutions, ETI became a global leader in the high performance green building space.

EBS was a building-energy investment software company founded in 2009 by real estate and financial services professional Minot Frye. EBS developed and successfully fielded a prototype first-mover software technology that optimizes energy investments in commercial buildings.

Their combined expertise drives the 21st Century business model for economically and environmentally optimized commercial real estate management supported by clear, sound financial analysis and operational excellence.